We are currently offering by donation fitness at Maffeo Sutton Park! Check out our calendar for more info

About Transition City Fitness Club

We are coaching service that empowers individuals to live a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Through personal training, group classes and wellness events our coaches educate, motivate, and clearly define paths to your success.

Our principles

We provide more than physical training. A healthy body begins with a clear mind.

Real In-Person Community

Expert Guidance

Holistic Coaching

Our coaches have decades of fitness experience and are certified across many domains

We believe real life interaction cannot be substituted for an online experience

Meet Dustin

Founder of TCFC

Dustin is a passionate and holistic coach who’s been playing sports since the turn of the century and began weightlifting in 2010. As of 2020 Dustin became a certified personal trainer in addition to becoming a nutrition coach, flexibility coach and corrective exercise specialist. That said, Dustin attributes much of his knowledge to the personal development books he’s studied on top of the life coaches and personal trainers he has hired for himself

Dustins passion for community wellness extends beyond fitness and led to him creating Nanaimo’s Community Wellness Park in the summer of 2024. He hopes to use his all ages outdoor park to promote a greater degree of wellness in the City of Nanaimo and to help bring our community together for fun, family, fitness.

His fitness knowledge covers the foundational understanding of optimal walking mechanics and extends to high level performance training that he hopes to one day use to train Olympians. No matter your activity level Dustin is happy to help.

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